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Emotional extension of home: old mansion. Re-born 家的情感延續-老宅 . 新生



When we look back at this 30-year-old mansion, we remember it was an extremely old but long-standing building with a leakage problem.  The leakage and insulation problems were fixed by building iron huts on top of the original structure. The patchwork of building layers and layers of iron huts over the years resulted in outdated aesthetic concept. How to modify the pre-existing element and external appearance of iron structure under the original architectural framework and recreate a landscape in sync with the urban environment generated a brand new design proposal for the urban and rural setting. In addition, how to introduce lights and winds into the house to re-energize the old interior space in order to renovate the old mansion with a new thinking.

Design by


Art director


9 Studio

Yana Zhezhela & Alek Vatagin

Yana Zhezhela

Alex Nuzhdin, Elizaveta Pozhidaeva, Vladimir Novikov, Alla Nuzhdina

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